Okay, I’ll stop soon…

It is the rarest of things to have me updating this often. (shrug)

I called my parents to see how they’re doing. As expected, my mom is shaken enough to be shattered. I spoke with my father again. What news is there to share? Who knows. Maybe my aunt in Italy will call with some. As it is, she calls about twice a day so the two of them can share tears. As for my uncle… well, they moved him to another room on Sunday. And my parents are being denied from visiting him (that’s right, they don’t have permission from knowing which room he’s in or seeing him). Can you f(***ing believe this?

My dad was a little saddened that I hadn’t come around or called to give my mom courage. I explained that it was the first moment I had to breathe and then told him that my Grandfather is waiting for my uncle on the other side, ready to kick his ass for what he did to his life, and the rest of them can go to hell.

Of course my father is hurting because my mom is hurting so much, and yes, when the time comes and my uncle passes, IF they are told about the funeral I might go, but only to support my mother. The rest I could care less about. Seriously.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging, already in progress.

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