My subjects stink

one thing about having that auto-fill option on my browsers, it pretty much shows how often I’ve used the same subject headings. sheesh. Onto the thought of this post:

On the train ride in today, I got to thinking (as I often do) about the feelings of Lemming Mentality and Activity in getting to work.

I’m up anywhere between 5am and 6am depending on how much I have to do before getting ready to go. I’m usually in the car driving Kyle to his guardian at around 7am. I usually get to the train station 7 minutes before the train arrives and get in to work anywhere between 8:40am and 9am.

I get home anywhere between 6pm and 7pm depending. Kyle usually goes to bed between 7pm and 7:30pm considering he gets up around 6:30am. Before Chantale and I have any real time together, it’s around 8pm. Due to us being up so early and going through a tiring day, we’re usually pretty wiped and can’t stay awake beyond 9:30pm.

Is it any wonder that come the weekend we are so wiped that it’s difficult to get anything accomplished? Add the need to do the regular housework and you can imagine how the weekend disappears like a sneeze.

This is living? No. This is existing. Being aware of it, however, means that when possible, action is taken to correct it. This can’t and won’t go on forever.

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