S(l)ight Adjustment

Woo. Tired again. Energy, wherefore art thou, energy?

So I headed to the eye doc’s on Saturday morning. What with all the migraines, it was a possibility that I wanted to rule out. My last visit to them was in 2002 or so, after verifying that my previous prescription from 2000 was good and didn’t need adjustment. What did they find this year? That my eyesight has improved since 2002! Thus, my prescription was cut by almost half! yowtch. That’s a lot of money… 🙂 (new frames, new lenses, doc’s visit – insurance pays very minor).

Will this help resolve my headaches? Not entirely, no, but it will at least remove one other possible factor to it. We’ll see.

By the way, tried my first DECAF this morning… uhm… coffee with no kick? uhm… okay, it tastes fine… but I need my kick! 🙂

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