I hate fear.

No, let me stress this.


Especially the fear of others who feel the need to impose THEIR fear on you.

I’m the type of guy who puts his ass on the line. Who stands by his word, his honor, his job/ position or whatever you want to call it. If I feel something is amiss and I see a way of getting it fixed, then I will take it.

I will speak out.

I will stand out.

This is not a method of being bold or of causing undue waves. It is the way I live. Out loud, in your face, stop hiding from the world. And when I share my thoughts and my plan of action with you because I think of you a bit more than just an “aquaintance”, don’t suddenly hoist YOUR fears on ME. Just because you’re afraid to take a stand or afraid of what might happen should you bring up points others don’t want to, does not mean *I* have to lend any credence to them.

What have I got to lose? Face? My job? My credibility? My life? For fuck’s sake!

Thus must I “speak” the quote I’ve been saying for most of the week, taken from the ever-powerful Grey’s Anatomy, “I can’t find a way to solve the problem UNTIL there’s a problem to solve!”

Humankind is all about adapting, growing, picking up the pieces, and moving on. It’s not about cowering; worried about making ANY move, about taking ANY chances, for fear of any possible repurcussions. It’s about LIVING.

Thus endeth my morning rant. And for those of you who are wondering, YES, I told this (and more) to the person in question. That’s part of what triggered my rant – I know of too many people who dwell on the same shit in a variety of different ways. I may have concerns about possible consequences, but never fears that will prevent me from acting/ living in a method that’s untrue to myself.

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