On Being a Father…

Last night, as I held Kyle in my arms, rocking him softly after having “hummed” him to sleep once his bottle of milk had been finished, I could only stare down in amazement. His peaceful face, his arms snuggling his blanket, his hands clutching the material… it was all so beautiful. I cradled him in my arms, holding him close, softly stroking his little blond curls, as I watched the rise and fall of his breath.

And my world was perfect.

A complete and fulfilling sense of “right” enveloped me in that warm darkness as my own senses stretched outwards and felt the warmth, happiness, and love that permeated his room. That sense of love and well-being continued outwards and I felt it reflected throughout all the rooms of my house and in my mind’s eye I saw the beacon of light and love that is my wife radiating that selfsame emotion outwards from herself.

I am 39 years old and there is NOTHING in my professional, freelance, or even personal life that comes anywhere near close to the pride, joy, and contentment I felt and continue to feel in the home life I lead. Chantale has continued to be my second lease on life ever since she came into my life and the joining of our little son to our home continues to be a monumental wealth of love, energy, and happiness. I am so greatful to be able to spend every single day in their presence and continue to share the most amazing to the most mundane moments – all being special because we’re together. And I love the fact that Chantale blogs as well and continues to chronicle our lives and the growth of our child so we will always continue to have memories of these sacred events that we can re-live throughout the years.

This is a post about happiness, love, pride, and gratitude. Some may think I speak too much of them and perhaps boast too much. I believe I can never speak of my love for them enough. This is not boasting, this is being blessed and realizing that I am blessed. This is my thanking the Powers that Be for helping us to create such a blissful home. This is my prayer of power that keeps this happiness in abundance.

It is not wrong to say that I am happy. Because I am, indeed, truly so.

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