More Insanity

When you stop and think about how an incident like yesterday affects SO many lives, it’s frightening to put the pieces together. You think you might be shielded, and then you start to make connections.

This shooter? He lived a couple of streets over from where one of my employees lives. In fact, my employee mentioned how he’d seen him a number of times around the area (wondering to himself what kind of a nut would dress like he did in 30 degree heat…. know we know).

The street he lived on? It’s really not that far from where my kids live or where Melyssa goes to school.

Had Chantale not left her previous employment, she would have been right across from Dawson (at Alexis Nihon) having lunch and watching the campus as she used to. Had this happened today, I would have been in the vicinity myself.

I just heard that his initial target was the metro (no report confirmation that I can link to, though). So when he parked his car and got out, he was heading to the metro but when he saw the cops (who were responding to another call) he panicked and dashed for the college. I can only imagine the carnage had he gone into the lunchtime metro crowd at Atwater…

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