Syndicated Feeds

Just as an FYI to everyone, I created two LJ Feeds recently:

is where you’ll find regular wine reviews (in French) by Sommelier/ Wine Expert extraordinaire, Francisco M. Rosa

Yes, he’s our Best Man, and Kyle Ethan’s Godfather, but he’s also a heck of a sommelier 🙂

The second feed is from a recent project by Robert Tinnell and Craig A. Taillefer, The Chelation Kid. No images, but at least you’ll get a link every time a new strip comes up.

Of course, while I’m on the subject of Pimpage, there’s always the other feed I created of the very-excellent BlogMeDo by resident Beatles expert Alan J. Porter (who’s recent book “Before They Were Beatles” was read and loved by Spider Robinson himself!):

Go take a look and see why the TIMES calls it: “The #1 Beatles related Blog on the web”

And now, I retire my goldfish-platform-heels pimp shoes for the night 🙂

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