Monday Meme

Been a long time since I filled out a meme – but what the heck. Originally from and then from my darling .

I was ___ years old the first time I…..

Fell in love: Love? Well, what I thought was love – 17. She wasn’t, though (my age, silly! of course she loved me!). 18 when I thought I was really in love (or faked myself into it). 31 when I found true love (yes, it does exist!)

Lost your virginity: 19. Hard to believe, eh?

Lost someone close to you: Hm. This is a little tough because I had a very small family whom I felt that kind of connection to. I was in my late 20s when I lost my Godfather which had a harsh impact on me (he passed away in the hospital at the same time my father was on another floor rushed in for an emergency surgery). I was in the sixth grade when my best friend was struck down by a speeding taxi and killed in front of me…

Smoked weed: What’s that? (innocent whistle). Nope, never touched Mary Jane. Her brother Ash, however, I was 17…

Got your heart broken: 30. When I realized I would not see my son and daugther grow up on a daily basis…

Got arrested: Hm. The whole shebang? Never. Caught and warned… 13? 14? I don’t remember. Chased? 14 or 15… 😉

Smoked a cigarette: Hm. Secondary 1. Didn’t stop even after my dad caught me and beat me. However, in Secondary 2, I got my report card and saw a “68” for Gym which freaked me out. I was sure it had to be a mistake. To prove it, I decided to run around the block (because it was what I used to do years before). I couldn’t make it through half of one block. I swore at those #$%$#% cancer-sticks and cancer-stick-making-companies for a solid hour and never went back.

Broken a bone: Heh. 4 1/2 years old. I was struck by a motorcycle and flung across the lane with a broken arm… Co-incidentally, my first out-of-body experience! 🙂

Got cheated on: Nope. Inadvertantly used by a woman to cheat on her boyfriend? Once in High School, once in College, once in the “real world”.

Rode the city bus: Hm. I think I was in 6th grade. I used to take the bus to the library. Cost 10 cents… wow.

Went to a concert: Heh. Secondary 4. Just to impress a girl. Duran Duran. Yea, walk shamefully do I… 🙂

Met someone famous: First time I met someone famous… hmmm… I guess it all depends on what you consider famous. I was 23 when I met Yvon Lambert of the Montreal Canadians. He came to my sister’s wedding since my brother-in-law was working as a chef in his restaurant. However, it wasn’t until Primedia that I started meeting and hanging-out with media celebreties (Chris Carter, Alyson Court, etc) and authors (Rob Sawyer, Julie Czerneda, David Shtogryn, etc, etc))

Dyed your hair: Not yet. Soon, though, I fear…

Got your first cell phone: Hmmm… 27?

Got a Myspace: Oh please. Not a chance unless I absolutely have to for financial reasons.

Snuck out of the house: Honestly? Never had to sneak out.

Got your own digital camera: Oh! My birthday a few years ago! (35? I’m so bad with dates)

First time you got drunk: Hmmm… would that be 13 or 14? maybe 14 or 15? something to do with a jug of wine and my friend’s garage…. 🙂

Traveled across the ocean: 8 years old – flying to Italy.

Wore a toga: Ah, the days of Animal House… I may have been 13. Didn’t stay on long, though…

Traveled out of state/country: I don’t know… 5 or 6? Vacationing in Wildwood 🙂

Shopped at Abercrombie/M&S: Nope. But I had a buddy who worked at M&S for a while. It was hysterical in that he would wear his Genetic Control t-shirt underneath his white shirt… with his black slacks… and black converse 🙂

Went to Disney World: 25. It was part of an agreement to a situation I’m still paying for…

Went on a date: Hm. date… date… when did Moonraker come out? I went to see it with… gee, I forgot her name… Annick? She took me to make up for something or other. I remember it was at the Cinema Du Parc (which is now closing down)

Saw a Broadway/West End play: The Phantom of the Opera when I was in my early 20s…

How old are you now: 39. The last year of my “dirty-thirties” 🙂

sheesh… that took a lot of thinking….

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