I must admit that it is extremely difficult, stressful, frustrating, and at times aggravating to keep a full-time job while still attempting to keep and build a continuous creative body of work. Would that I wasn’t so tired from all the hours I’m sure I could better use the 15+ hours spent commuting more efficiently towards that goal. Alas, that is most often not possible.

Yes, I realize that the alternative is not at all appealing. I do have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed. I’m just saying.

Actually, I’ve been kicking around an idea in my head for a number of years now (probably more than I care to admit). I’m not the kind of person who goes off on weekend-long fishing or hunting expeditions, but I’ve often thought about having a “creativity” weekend event. This would be something used specifically to take time away from the daily grind – step away from “regular life” and concentrate on various creative projects.

I know how charged I get during weekend comics/writing/media/fiction conventions and I’ve often wondered how that same energy could be captured to actually follow-through on the impulses. Being around creative people talking about their works and your own works just invigorates me to keep building and creating. Unfortunately, once those conventions are over…

Of course, what I have in mind is something that’s worth testing if for no other reason than it would be a fun experiment. There are a number of factors, I feel, that need to be considered in order to be successful. These are, in no particular order:

– ability to be “away”. It’s too tempting at times to forget the goal if you’re at home or in your home city. Distance is key, but distance in a non-familiar environment (in other words, don’t head up to a family member’s place, go to a hotel in another city)

– ability to hold workshops or discussion groups. As I said before, it’s the sharing that helps get those creative juices flowing. Getting the time to work on your own is necessary, but sharing your trials and tribulations is a good kick.

– ability to disengage. There has to be some time for other events – be it strolling through the city or going for supper with others.

– ability to reminisce. Usually, this means having the chance to spend a few hours driving with your buddies, usually at the end of the weekend. A road-trip has to be enjoyed and if you’re not in as good a mood driving home as you were driving to the convention, then the weekend was not worth it.

In my mind’s eye I do see the big difference between what I’m proposing and what I know of that currently exists. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been telling Francisco () about this for years now. I just never had the time to expound upon it in more detail. Perhaps it’s about time I did just that. I’m sure that could keep me from falling asleep on the train…

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