Money Green

So I found out this morning that if you write a post-dated cheque and that person or entity cashes it prior to the date, it’s too bad for you. Seriously. I called my rep this morning and told her how freaked I was that the Gov’ment cashed my April 14th cheque on March 15th and got away with it – putting ME into overdraft. I told her I expected the bank to NOT charge me for the overdraft and that’s when she told me that a Bank is not responsible for post-dated cheques and that although something like that can be caught when it’s brought to a teller, it’s mostly automated for corporations/ etc. So, it’s up to YOU to be careful who you give a P.D.C. to. Lovely. She’ll reverse any charge I incur, of course, because she doesn’t want to incur my wrath, but it’s quite a kick in the head.


At any rate, since with midnight came payday, the situation’s okay for the next two weeks. I can go buy groceries now 🙂 Strangely enough, I’m all out of Kilkennys…

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