I was a total wreck last night. Fatigued to the point of exhaustion. I don’t know what time I finally fell asleep as my pounding headache kept me concious longer than I thought. I know I was happily snuggled with Chantale who had gone to get another large blanket to add to the bed since I was also freezing.

Kyle woke up a few times during the night, finally getting up with me at 6am. He came with me while I got ready for work but within 30 minutes it was clear he was hungry. I brought him to bed so Chantale could nurse him and I finished getting ready. When it was time to go I went to remind Chantale that she was going to drive me to the train. They were both sleeping so peacefully that I really didn’t want to wake them. I know she was tired and he needed sleep (he’s still teething) so I gave her a big/soft smooch on the forehead and left. I knew I had enough time to walk to the train station and catch the last train out. It wasn’t horrendously cold outside and I need the exercise (I’ve got winter poundage to lose!) so off I went. Glad to see I can still make good time as I walked the 5km in about 35 minutes. In fact, I think I’ll try to do it the rest of the week as long as the weather’s not too bad!

I did get some news of Francisco last night. He’s still in ICU but he’s more stable. He’s quite tubed-up and doped-up due to the pain so he’s only lucid for very very short periods. They’re keeping an eye on his pancreas and he’s being helped to breathe via an oxygen tent. The doctors have stated that he will recover. It will be a very long process, but he will get better.

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