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After watching last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I had the following words bouncing around my head. I started writing them out as a Fast Fiction piece, but then realized I wasn’t writing a story as much as sharing a sentiment. Thus, although I kept the FF format, it’s more a “Fast Last Word” (or editorial) piece πŸ™‚

Update:I decided to forego the 200 words and remove the “be a doer” ending because I agreed with the comment that it stopped the flow of the piece πŸ™‚

[Fast Fiction/Thoughts: Don’t Wait – February 6, 2006]

What if the last time you saw your wife was the very last time you saw her?

What if that last time you saw her it was to kiss her softly on the forehead on your way to work as she slumbered peacefully in your bed?

And what if that peaceful slumber had come only after an evening of arguments, pain, and tears? How would you feel?

What if one day you woke up and realized that your world had turned upside down? Would it only be then that you lamented the fact that the last time you spoke with your loved one it was in anger and not followed by cuddling and reconciliation?

Do you need to wait for the worst to happen before you remember that you accepted them into your heart for better or for worse? When all is said and done, remembering the good times is a lot easier when the majority of the time you spend together is good.

Whenever you part, make sure you do it with no regrets and nothing left unsaid. Whether you leave for a week, a day, or even a few hours, let nothing burden your heart.

[Story (c) Mike Aragona]
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