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Tom Davidson

Tom Davidson

This print and web designer, and former newspaperman, has always had a passion for comics. His path has been an eclectic one. Tom attended the Joe Kubert School in the late '80s, where majored in animation, then eventually moved back to North Carolina where he became a reporter and photographer for a daily newspaper. His experiences there, any many others, have recently influenced his work. Tom is working on a series of self-published comics about daily life in a small, Southern U.S. fictional town and all of its ordinary and bizarre people and places. Nearing the age of 40, Tom also is a fulltime college student, enjoying adventures in the classroom, and lives with his significant other, Yvonne, a fulltime yoga instructor, and their two crazy cats. With his favorite comics almost always seeming to come north of the border, thanks to Canadian cartoonists and Drawn & Quarterly Publications, Tom is happy to be a Comicopian, joining in December 2006.

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