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Mike Aragona

Mike Aragona

A lifetime of Comic Book, Science Fiction, New Age, and Fantasy reading with a healthy dose of English courses and a love of movies have all collided and conspired to bring Mike Aragona into the world of letters and sentences. With a cast of crazy characters constantly jostling for brain energy who want to be written about, Comedy and Superheroes vy for attention with Relationships, Committment, and "What's on the Other side". Along with running Comicopia The International Comics APA, this Freelance Writer and Editor has contributed to numerous books, groups, and anthologies (Before They Were Beatles, James Bond: The History Of The Illustrated 007, etc). Some of his fiction and personal musings can be found on his main writing portal (

Mike's Web Links:

  • The Savage Land: Main Web Portal
  • Savage Writer: Main Writing Page
  • Floodgates of the Mind: Main Blog
  • Savage Enterprises Publishing: Available Books

  • ComicopianMike Aragona
    has been a member since issue 1, eventually taking over the distribution and publishing of the APA.

    Old Covers by Mike:

  • [# 10 Back Cover]: Firestorm by Mike Aragona/ Mario Carmel
  • [# 3 Front Cover]: The Spirit by Mike Aragona