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This site is the main portal for both my personal links and musings as well as showcasing samples of my Freelance Writing work put out by Savage Enterprises and Savage Enterprises Publishing. You either found this page because you want to know more about me, or you need my help. Whatever reason brings you here, I hope you enjoy your stay :) The box links on the left side of this screen will help guide you through the entire lay of the land.


For the comic book fans want to know more about The Savage Land, here's the scoop. I'm a big fan of Marvel Comics' KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE (an incredible series by Bruce Jones and Brent Anderson) and pretty much thought that an underground jungle where Dinosaurs still roamed was something close to paradise. Sure this may sound a little bizarre, but I was a big fan of Dinosaurs long before 'Jurassic Park' made it en vogue to do so. (If you want to read more about my original essay on Ka-Zar, check out my Last Word article on it from 1990. It may be old, but considering the number of folks who request it on a regular basis, it's still quite relevant).


Any how, I always felt that whenever the Concrete Jungle of everyday living was too much, I could retreat to the safety of my four-color dreamworld. I looked upon The Savage Land as a place of excitement and energy. A place I could get away from everyday hassles and just be... well, SAVAGE. In fact, the idea became so appealing, that when I eventually opened up my own Bulletin Board System, I had no other desire than to call it The Savage Land. TSL, as it is fondly referred to by its members, lasted close to 12 years (opened 24/7 on Feb 28, 1992) before circumstances forced me to close it down. However, it will always remain as a great place where friends hung out and relaxed, away from the cares of the world...


For those oldtimers who are feeling nostalgic, you can visit The Savage Land BBS Archives to get a glimpse of the past :) Right now, there is only the opening/ welcome screens. Eventually, there will be many more memories added thanks to the magic of capture logs...


The Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected, like the blood that unites one family. This we know.

- Chief Seattle

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