Out of the mouth of children…

Recently, during a family supper, Kyle suddenly asked Chantale, “Mommy, when you get really really old, are you going to die?”

Questions like these don’t phase us in the least, but they are quite surprising how they pop up without any links to a previous discussion. At least, not to us 🙂

At any rate, Chantale answered him in the affirmative and his response to that was to answer right back in an exasperated sigh. “*huff* I don’t like that! Then it’s too long before you come back to the earth!”

After a few more back-and-forths about the wait time and the end time and getting old, he finally confirmed, “I like being the parent!” and then he went back to his previous discussions of super heroes.

The entire time this was going on, I just sat back and watched him in wonder and pride, shaking my head at how this little boy’s brain works 🙂

*happy sigh*

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