Blog Drug!

It’s funny. I’ve been offline for probably over 2 weeks now. Of course, I don’t mean “offline” in the sense that I was completely devoid of internet (my blackberry is obviously configured for email) but offline in the sense that i wasn’t tied down to a computer or any social sites.

When we got back from our little vacation (a couple of days away to an amazing chalet near quebec city), there was absolutely NO urge to jump back online to Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Library Thing, or CDN_POD! It was… liberating!

And then… going back to work this week… the urge to start up Social Scope on my Blackberry to get back into the Twitter/Facebook community was SUCH a pull I felt like I was fighting niccotine withdrawal!! LOL!!

Seriously, it was SO hard to not log in but I’ve been fighting it the entire week and it’s not so hard any more :). I guess it’s just something I had gotten used to doing. Standing around waiting for a train or an elevator and “pop” out comes the BB to see what’s going on. I’ll probably get back on again soon as it has been fun and it does kill time. But, I doubt very much I will continue to do so from home/ my pc. After all, the time I used to spend on FB is SO much better used doing some creative work! Sheesh!!

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to write this up all week and I guess it’ll work for Hump Day :). Gotta get back to the fray now.

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