The Last Airbender…

I just got back from watching The Last Airbender and I guess now’s as good a time as any to share my thoughts. Spoilers within, so be warned.

I have to admit I wanted to like this movie. I did. Even knowing of the “fan controversy” surrounding it, I still was hoping for an entertaining (and exciting) movie based on the themes of the animated show. Unfortunately, it seems there was just TOO much information to cram into a 2 hour movie. Really, you would think that with so much going on (and letting the viewers in on the whole “world” of the various Nations, the war, etc etc) that it would be a keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seats adventure. Alas, it was so slow I found myself nodding off at the beginning.

The narratives used to bridge the gap between events that took you from one scene to another – used to explain what things have changed – didn’t work. The sudden “changes” in the various characters and/ or places they visited and / or “the war” just felt forced and uninspired. In the end, even suspending disbelief completely to try to have the story wash over you (sorry, pun not intended but funny) wasn’t working because of the wooden acting. As visually appealing as everything was, as great as the battle scenes looked, everything else was just dull. I won’t even talk about the lack of logic in some of what the characters do (like why didn’t the Avatar drop the ocean on the Fire fleet?) and was the Avatar’s flying steed part of the same race of flying creatures from The Never Ending Story??

The 3D technology didn’t really add anything to the movie and in certain places (when the camera zoomed through cities, for example) everything was blurry to the point of being dizzy.

Is it worth a couple of bucks to see? Yes, I would say that, especially based on all the kids who seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Is it worth the $14 I paid? Nope, sorry.

We ended up leaving the theatre completely drained of any energy. Sadly, it was as though we (my friends and I) had been subjected to a huge downer instead of an action flick. I don’t know if this first movie will garner enough money to justify the second installment, but if it happens, it’ll take a lot to get me to go watch it in the theatres.

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