Ready for the Future: Review

Got home last night to a nice review for The Mysterious Minute-Men: Ready for the Future! Although posted in a number of places (LibraryThing, Amazon(s)) the main site is found here on the With A Good Book blog.

There are a lot of pieces of this review which I liked seeing, such as “The first thing I noticed when I got my copy of The Mysterious Minute-Men: Ready for the Future was the gorgeous cover…” which I, of course, heartily agree. I was also glad to see that Eclipse went over well as Jody (the reviewer) states, “We’re also introduced to a wonderful new character…”

This was particulary validating: “Much of the story focuses on Minute-Man’s inner turmoil and his quest to sort out problems that are impeding his ability to protect Metro City. This was actually my favourite part of the book. While I enjoy the superhero antics, you can really feel Minute-Man’s agony over his situation and that’s when I really got into the story. Then when an evil scheme is revealed, it brings the story back to the lighter-toned superhero genre.” Which, to me, means I did the job I had set out to do with this book.

All in all, a very nice way to end a day 🙂

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