About Me

A couple of sentences that have come up in a recent evaluation:


Mike is conscious of existence, meaning, purpose, potential and destiny of humankind, people, and self.

Mike prefers to associate with others socially, organizationally, and recreationally.

Mike is motivated to manage people and their activities.

Mike has natural preferences that engender curiosity about the nature of things and about “what makes things tick”.

Mike has a preference for physically working with things and objects, but that activity is probably secondary…

Deadlines do not motivate Mike as they only increase the pressure.

Mike prefers and may even require change and variety. Sameness and routine cause loss of interest, drive, and energy.

Mike prefers to be with people and will most likely avoid activities that are done apart from others.

Mike has little need for or is not motivated by recognition, status, or competitive gain.


Mike is most likely benevolent, voluntarily giving of self to help others, especially regarding current pain, hurts…

Mike prefers and needs change and variety. Change is motivating, stimulating, and energizing.

Mike subjectively exercises responsibility for social, vocational, or recreational perceptions, thinking, options…

Mike has a strong preference to work under the management or supervision of others who are competent and knowledgeable

Mike is strongly motivated to be organizationally active with others.

Mike sees self as talented, self-sufficient, and goal-oriented.

Mike is motivated to influence and convince others as part of social, organizational, vocational, or recreational activities.

Mike does not generally see, retain, and/or recall verbatim detail and, instead, shows an awareness of concepts, patterns…

Mike does not prefer being tied to or tied down by timed, repetitious sensory/physical activity.


Mike’s preferences fully support holistic, conceptual perception, and thinking relative to the basic nature, utility…

Mike’s preferences and motivations are derived from understanding the deeper or ‘real’ meaning of ideas and words

Mike’s mind is naturally motivated to put physical abilities and natural talents, whatever they may be, into immediate use

Mike is moderately motivated for Manual ‘workbench’ activities regardless of actually developed skills or abilities.

Mike’s preferences and motivations most likely revolve around an adequate ability to see, retain, and recall detail.

Math may be about the same as a foreign language for Mike. At least, it is foreign to Mike’s mental preferences


Mike feels both privilege and responsibility to use communication (including persuasion) to voluntarily provide beneficial information to people

Philosophical, literary, scientific, managerial and/or persuasive traits may be involved in Mike’s motivation and drive

Mike is empathetically and sympathetically aware of the hurts, needs, problems, and wishes of others and is motivated to help them

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