Funny Kyle :)

This week has been “back to work” for Chantale and I, and “back to home daycare” for Kyle and Charlize. What’s been funny/ cute is that Kyle has insisted on dressing himself every morning to date. His style of choice? Superheroes and Jeans.

Basically, he puts on a pair of blue jeans and (so far), a brown Batman long-sleeved shirt, a light-blue Superman logo shirt, and a red Spider-Man ‘webhead’ shirt.

The fact that it’s too hot for long pants doesn’t deter him. Of course, I always pack shorts for him as well and he usually changes into them before going to play outside 🙂

Just too bloody cute 🙂 Especially when he takes one of his blankies and ties it around his neck so he can have a “cape” 🙂

And yes, you can just picture Charlize also running around in a cape 🙂

No photos yet, but one day soon 😉

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