Whaddaya at?

So. Since last weekend (May 31st?) I’ve been on my own while Chantale has been “sequestered” in various hotels working on some very big deals – affecting the lives of over 15,000 people.

I think I’ve mentioned before – and many times over – how damned proud I am of her and all that she’s accomplished in her life – and her still not even 30! 🙂 The point is, it’s been a tough climb for her to prove herself NOT just as a woman in the workplace, but as a young woman who had the vision, strength of character, and integrity to pull off all she was capable of.

It’s been tough but today she has quite the incredible stories to tell about what she’s gone through and laurels to prove it. And as she embarks on her new project/ career, she can lay to rest the biggest project she’s worked on so far and move forward with a clear goal.

True, the finalizing of this project required up to 20-hour days, barely getting one or two hours of sleep for a week at a time, but it’s “done” now. Or close to being done-done with a chance at some normality. She did come home last Thursday, and promptly slept a good 15hours 🙂 But, she flew out on Saturday and back into the thick of things until, finally, last night, the agreements were signed.

So, I should be getting my wife back (and the kids their mom!) before the week is up. Just in time to relax for the weekend and then take Charlize for her follow-up appointment on the 17th at the hospital to see how her heart is doing. And Charlize turns 2 exactly one week after that 🙂

Have I mentioned it’s going to be a busy month? 🙂 (obviously there’s more going on that I haven’t noted here, but it’s going to be a busy month!)

So. Back to my first sentence. I’ve been handling stuff while she’s been away and I have to admit it’s been running well. It’s been said many times that kids need and thrive on routine and weeks like this have definitely shown that. I get up every day at around 545am. Charlize and Kyle are up by 6am which means I just had time to get dressed and wake up 🙂 I dress them and get them ready, then they eat breakfast while I prepare my own lunch and breakfast. We’re out of the house by 645am to get to daycare. Afterwards, I grab the train and head to work until 4pm. I pick them up at 530pm and head home. On one night, they take baths while supper cooks, on other times they just play while supper cooks. Point being that by 6pm we’re eating (and usually done by 630pm). The kids then play or watch some tv (week 1 was The Emperor’s New Groove. week 2 seems to be Superman The Movie). Charlize, by 7pm, is clamoring to go to bed. So, I give her some milk and she’s in bed. It’s Kyle’s turn at 730pm. By 8pm I’m working on various projects (either copyediting or writing) and by 930pm I’m already fried and ready for bed!

Crazy, sometimes strict-sounding, but it runs really well. Minor changes fall after suppers on nice nights when we take out the bike and ride around for 20-30 minutes. It works well, but it still takes a lot to keep it going and since I wasn’t sleeping very well (or at all) for the last 10 days, it made things a little tougher.

Last night was the first night I slept right through since I don’t remember. I could have definitely slept a few more hours but responsibilities beckoned… 🙂

I’ve been wanting to update this journal for 2 weeks now and only got a minute in between taking a bite to eat, drinking coffee, and fighting off an impending headache!

But at least there’s an end in sight. Phew.

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