Cubicle Groundhog

Just popping my head out from the ground to look around and say “Boo!”

Very busy. Lots going on, lots to do. Expozine was a really great experience. I put pics up on Facebook but don’t have the url right now. I’ll post it here later.

Comicopia deadline for issue 110 is next week (and it’s amazing how many folks who stopped by our table on saturday had absolutely NO clue as to what an APA is!! Seriously! Out of the ?? folks (I ticked off numbers on my notes but don’t have those with me now :)) who came by, only ONE person was familiar with it!).

Maybe that’s the real reason so many of you reading don’t answer my call to join or get sample copies. Hmm. Food for thought.

As for other food for thought, my latest article is up on Helium. It’s currently ranked #1 on the articles on Seasonal Depression. Here’s the link: How to beat the Winter Blues


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