So I must admit…

I’ve got something of a hole in my gut today.

I was shocked yesterday to hear of Emru Townsend’s passing seeing how the last bit of news I had heard was that he had found a donor and undergone the surgery. I guess I, too, was like a lot of people who believed recovery would finally come.

Unfortunately, that was not the case and at 10pm on Nov 11th, he breathed his last. How ironic that this happened on Remembrance Day considering how hard he fought against leukemia and how many lives he’s touched in the last year during that struggle. The thousands of people on the FB groups alone attest to that.

I met Emru about 18 years when he joined Comicopia for a brief stint with his zine, APAPlexy as well as interacting with him on BBS’ (his alias was Bionic Coyote). Of course, he went on to bigger and better things soon thereafter 🙂 The point is that he met, influenced, and affected many lives in his short time on the planet. And now that he’s gone… there is quite a ripple of sadness blanketing and stretching over many.

From the Heal Emru site:
A poignant post by Mark Mayerson:

and so many others from around the ‘net.

Peace out.

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