I’m Electioned-Out…

I’m really glad we don’t have to go through 16 months of canvassing and election hysteria here in Canada… however, at the same time, it feels like there’s ALWAYS an election going on!!!

Just like 2 years ago, very quickly after the Federal election, a Provincial one was called. And so, after last month’s useless, worthless, money-wasting election to re-elect a Minority government, the word went out that we’ll be holding a Provincial election on December 8th.

Another useless, worthless, money-wasting, visual-pollution election. For what reason? Why gives a F*&*)WEing carp any more? Last month’s election was the worst turnout in Fed political history. Do you think next month’s is going to be any better? Outside of perhaps apathy and fed-up-edness at the Liberals for calling it again which could lead with the people voting them out of power?

All that money could and SHOULD be used for much more Humanitarian purposes. With winter approaching, think of all the homeless we could shelter or feed… think of all the research we could do…


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