Question for Creators

I’ve been curious about something recently.

You are a creator. Your creation (book, art, story, article, etc) is released and available to the public at large (be it a specific target audience or not).

You get feedback on the work. This is always nice and ALWAYS appreciated (unless that feedback happens to be nothing more than trolls, of course).

Now, the question I have is this: WHICH (or probably WHOSE) is the one you are MOST anxious for? In other words, whose feedback will… “validate” what you’ve done in your eyes? Do you understand what I’m asking? Is there any one particular person (or magazine review) that if they positively review your work, you will feel a slight “lifting of the shoulders”? One of those “I don’t care what anyone else says, THIS PERSON liked it” kind of moments.

Please reply as I’d really like to hear from you. Thanks!

(and by the way, I don’t need to hear anything like “you shouldn’t be creating anything for anyone” because that’s still not the point I’m asking about 🙂 )

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