Just spent a few minutes sifting through the upcoming comic releases to see if there’s anything worth adding to my pull list. … and the entire time I did this I saw nothing that stood out and nothing that was anywhere remotely original. It’s all about putting out more and more of the same. It’s all about the continuing glut of paper pushed out the door in an attempt to choke out the competition by getting whatever fans are out there to spend their dimes on all of one company’s products.

in other words, more of the same.

and yet, it struck me tonight that I don’t read any Marvel books except for Daredevil and Amazing Spiderman (as long as JMS is on it). I thought CW wasn’t worth its ink and made it easy to stay away. DC, i’ve had a long history with especially as it was the JSA that brought me in so many years ago (hooo boy, how many years ago…). Now, as much as I may have been entertained by crisis, countdown, etc. whatever ad-infinitum, ad-nauseum, it’s also true that the only reason for any of these books to exist is for the following: to destroy anything that was ever remotely heroic about any and all of the heroes I grew up with. Seriously. think about it (if you’ve read or are reading some DCs lately). Heroes used to be like “Gods”. And then, they became a bit more “human” in the convoluted era of the anti-hero. Now? So tarnished that no amount of detergent will ever get those tights clean.

And you know what else I realized? DC is (probably) making a bundle by getting all us saps to dish out hard-earned money on less than C-Stringers in a marketing ploy aimed at getting us to feel that these C-Stringers are important to use and/or the universe! Seriously! Look at all the Minis! Who are the main characters? Who gives a flying fig about them? Look at Countdown (or avoid your eyes because some of that art is just atrocious). What’s it about? Who seriously cares? Jason? Troia? Atom-not-Ray? Bah.

Comics used to be mindless fun. Now they seem to be pointless. I would much rather read my friends works and words because at least they/ fans care about the characters and the stories built revolve around that. Stories published these days care only about shock value.

Thank Goodness for Fanzines and Apas. I’m so glad there’s a place I can retreat to and lose myself in the banter, discussions, and general chatter of Apas like Comicopia. If anyone would like a copy, just reply and I’ll be happy to send you one – on me.

As for me, my pull list gets smaller and smaller and my dollars are going more and more to people I know and smaller press material. If you have product that you haven’t pimped yet, make sure you do because I’ll be glad to order it.

And speaking of picking up obscure material, Expozine has announced their dates for this year. They have now expanded to 2 days (Nov 24, 25) so if you’re interested in small press, fanzines, and alternate books, come on down to Montreal for the weekend and expose yourself to something different.

I had a table for Comicopia last year but ended up not being able to make it at the last minute. This year, with promised help in town, I should be able to attend. Francisco, make sure you’re free that weekend! 🙂

enough ranting. i’ve got trade paperbacks to go read.

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