“Life” morale was so low yesterday, that I was seriously thinking of going completely offline (as opposed to keeping the low profile I’m doing now). Really. I had reached a point that I was just completely fed up with the comics industry (probably a lot to do with what I read in http://occasionalsuperheroine.blogspot.com/), the writing business, work, etc.

I’m just so tired! And I know how whiny that sounds.

Personally, things are great! We’re building a room in the basement and will be in renovations for months. We started this weekend and it’s both really interesting and going rather well. Also, we bought a new car that we’re picking up tomorrow night (the insurances are a bit of a nightmare, but I’m taking care of that). Even work is good in the sense that I laid all my cards on the table two weeks ago and met with a Manager, 2 Senior Managers, the Chief Information Officer, and now things are back on track.

On the other hand, that secret project I had started, as much as I’ve enjoyed what I’ve written, I’m too exhausted to continue it. I doubt I’ll complete it by next wee. My VERY secret project is now suffering from funding so I’m a little down in the dumps over it. I wanted to begin this in December, but now… I’ve got a couple of money-making jobs to do, but can’t find/ make the time for it. This is just plain stupid but it’s really true. I’m wiped.

ExpoZine on Saturday? Right now, the odds are against me attending. Very high probability that I won’t be able to make it.

Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon next year? Due to the change in date, the odds are now also against me attending it.

James surgery was postponed for the THIRD time today. It’s now been moved to December 4th. And today? He called me at 2pm to tell me he was taken home because at lunch time, while running around, he fell to the ground because he was having trouble breathing. Some of the side effects of those anti-inflamatory pills he’s taking (and needs to continue taking until the operation) include Chest Pains, and Stomach Pains. 3 extra weeks of this now.

Unfortunately, Chantale is also getting some run-around lately that’s causing her no amount of stress and I’m not really able to offer her any help, outside of taking care of her each night.

It’s no bloody wonder I’ve got a migraine today. First one in about a week, though, but still there… I got about 8 hours of sleep today which I don’t remember doing in a long time. This morning? Still exhausted. Slept on the train in. Today? Still exhausted. I’m just fucken drained…

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