Highs and Lows

Late last week our Best Man, Francisco, came home from the hospital. After 10 weeks of being cooped up it was nice to see him back in his proper surroundings. He was in good spirits besides the fact that he still had a tube in him (set for removal on May 8th). Chantale, Kyle and I went to visit on Saturday night and it was a really nice supper/ time. Things felt “normal” again. Actually, it all felt wonderful and we made plans to go back the may 6th weekend.

Well, I just got news that he is back in ICU. His gallstones are moving around and causing more damage so they have no choice but to operate now. I know there was a fear at first considering everything else that had been going on, but now they have to intervene.

Thoughts/ prayers/ well-wishes/ anything is appreciated…

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