Some Bla Bla

I’m exhausted today, I don’t know why. Must be all those interruptions of sleep… There’s only so much of that a body can take.

My mind is still a whirlwind of activity. A lot of it revolving around death (obviously), life and living (how we do it and the challenges thereof) and just an attempt at finding direction. You know the whole game of Destination and Journey, right? You know where you want to go and you just have to figure out a path. Or you know the path you want to walk and have to decide on a direction. Well, I’m on the first (i think). I know what I want out of life, I see the road I have to travel, but then I also see the path I would prefer to take. And, there are no tracks on that path – I have to make them. But the lighting just isn’t clear enough and I’m a little frightened about the steps.

Yes, I’m in the phase called “Transition” and it’s driving me batty. The main thing I’m focusing on right now is February 7th wherein a small vacation begins. It will do me an enormous amount of good to be able to switch my brain off and think only of family, relaxing, and reading. Maybe some writing (as Comicopia’s next deadline falls on the 15th so I have to prepare) but I’m not forcing it. This explains the last couple of Fast Fictions (by the way, I did change the ending of The Purchase. I think it flows better now)

Speaking of creative endeavours, The Shuster Awards Nominating Committee is currently deliberating the final names on the ballots. It’s a good process and everything needs to be finalized by end next week. Hmm. I guess I’m going to have to borrow my Uncle’s computer next Friday to do a final mail-check in the event there’s anything else pending. Anyhow, there will be some further news regarding the Awards coming up (including a more regular role for myself in future years).

By the way, for those who remember my dad’s retina problems of last year… my mom told me this past weekend that things got worse. He’s now effectively blind in one eye as it has degenerated more (even with the laser treatments) and he can only see shadows/shapes… Yeah, that left a hole in my gut.

And on that note, I’m off to battle another headache with the power of Advil Liqui-Gels…

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