Fast Fiction: The Purchase

I just realized how long it’s been since I did one of these… must explain why I’m feeling rusty…
update 01/31:I had to get rid of that last sentence since it stopped everything short. I think the new one works better.

[Fast Fiction: The Purchase – January 27, 2006]

Jaimie was used to making unusual purchases. Being highly successful meant she never had to worry about a price tag and being single meant she was used to buying gifts for herself.

“We guarantee that this is just like the real thing,” explained the saleslady. “You know up-front where your money goes with this model. It’ll only stop working when you do,” she smiled.

Jaimie furrowed her brow. Had it really come to this? Had her years of being alone finally driven her to purchasing what she couldn’t find?

“I prefer it myself. It’s there when you need it, and you can ignore it when you don’t. None of that ‘building-relationship’ crap. Why wait for them to leave you? This won’t,” she finished pointing to the merchandise.

Jaimie hated that “R” word. She couldn’t stand to work on relationships – who had the time? Plus, the rewards never felt real enough. So, why shouldn’t she get a mechanical replacement if it made life easier?

Jaimie nodded and the saleslady smiled.

“Congratulations. You’ve just bought yourself a Best Friend for life! Amy is fully designed to be there for you. Shop, talk, dress, cry… whatever! Batteries not included.”

[Story (c) Mike Aragona]
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