Minute-Men Collections

I realized I didn’t do a final update on this information although I started taking a serious look at possibly using a POD service to get me some nice copies. Unfortunately, whichever way you slice the costs, it really does come out to be too expensive. Heck, just the hassles of calculating and shipping to Canada from a US-based system becomes too high. Especially when I can just go ahead and get the full collection printed at a local shop for $12 an issue. Anyhow, stuff to consider as at this point I wouldn’t even mind an 8.5×11 PlastiCoil binding instead of a 6×9 Perfect Bound.

In the meantime, here are the (almost) final collection wordcounts and pages (in 8.5×11 format):

The Mysterious Minute-Men Collected Edition: Introduction = 385 words (4 pages)
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 1: Protectors of Metro City = 20,843 words (38 pages)
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 2: The Big Fat Thrill = 11,461 words (24 pages)
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 3: Battle for Metro City = 30,524 words (60 pages)
The Mysterious Minute-Men Spotlight Specials: Rarities & B-Sides = 18,990 words (38 pages)
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 4: Ready for the Future = 58,764 words (87 pages)

This brings me to a total of 140,967 words or 251 pages. Tres cool. The reason I mention this as being an almost-final count is that I have a Character Role Call in Year 4 which could/should be expanded and which I may just go ahead and do. If so, it won’t make too big an impact as it would only be another 2 pages at most. We’ll see.

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